Does Candie Chic Use Chemicals?

Is Candie Chic Chemical Free? 


We got this question on twitter. Questions like that are a bit hard to answer in 140 characters. The short answer is that we try to stay away from them. We have answers to other questions as well.

No Chemical Candie Chic


What Chemicals are in Candie Chic products? 

We try to stay away from harsh chemicals. Our Moisturizing Foot Soak, currently our only product, does not have any chemicals at all. You can see our ingredient list for any product we add to our company by visiting the product’s page?

Do we use all-natural fragrances?

No. Essential oils are used in our products, but some fragrances do have fragrant oils. Fragrant oils may have essential oils in them, but they are also combined with other fragrances to create a scent. Some fragrances (Tasty and Treat) are pure essential oil blends, and are, therefore,  completely natural fragrances.

Do we use preservatives? 

Our moisturizing Foot Soak has no preservatives. This is only possible because in order to create this product, no water is added. No water means that microbes will not grow in the product. That being said, keeping the foot soak away from direct contact with water will extend it’s shelf life. Do not place the jar directly beneath running water. Do no place product in the lid and run the lid directly under running water. These things will bring water into the product, and give bacteria a chance to grow.

Will there be preservatives in future products?

We can’t provide a solid answer to that at this time. Water-based products need a preservative to keep the product safer, longer. Candie Chic does not feel that customers are worth the risk of infection.

Special thanks to @FreshGreenKim for asking this question. Feel free to tweet us with other questions like these (@candiechic).




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