Deep Treatment For Feet

If you have really dry or cracked feet, a deep foot treatment can be what you need. This treatment will remove dead skin and seal in moisture.

How To Do A Deep Treatment For Dry Feet

1. Remove dead skin with foot scrubber. If you have cracked heals, or really sensitive feet,  you should do this very gently. This step is meant to soften and remove dead skin.

2. Soak feet. Soak your feet with Candie Chic’s Moisturizing Foot Soak for fifteen minutes. Our foot soak is very moisturizing to feet, and will make them very soft.

3. Pat dry feet. It’s a good idea to leave your feet slightly moist.

4. Moisturize feet. If you have very dry skin, a body butter may be better than a lotion. Apply a generous amount of moisturizer onto your feet. Do not rub it in.

5. Cover feet. Put on clean white socks. Overnight is best, but you can remove the socks when you feel that your feet have absorbed the moisture.



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