Aromatherapy Benifits of Rose

Roses are a gorgeous flower the represent love, passion, and beauty. Did you know that rose essential oil also has benefits that include: Antidepressant, Aphrodisiac, and Astringent?

The Benefits



Roses are believed to boost confidence and create feelings of joy. Patients of acute depression are sometimes recommended regular doses of the essential oil.


This is why the flower is such a big hit on valentines day, and the classic symbol of love and passion.  The scent of rose essential oil is said to be arousing and inducing of romantic feelings.


Rose essential oil has the property of contracting the blood vessels. As a result, rose essential oil can strengthen hair roots and tone and lift the skin.

Our lovely fragrance, Tasty, contains rose essential oil. This creates a floral balance to the citrus. Next time you pamper yourself with one of our luxurious products, think of these benefits.



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